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Hokkaido & Tohoku


Kisakata|A Scenic Spot at The Foot of Mount Chokai Where the 99 Islands Seem to Float on Land

On the border between Yamagata and Akita prefectures, there is a mountain called Chokai, which is 2236 meters high. About 30 kilometers north of Mt. Cho...

Lake Tazawa|Explore Japan’s Deepest 423-meter Lapis Lazuli Colored Lake

In the central part of Akita Prefecture, near the border with Iwate Prefecture, there is the deepest lake in Japan, called Lake Tazawa. This lake has a ...

Travel to Shiretoko Peninsula|Undisturbed World Heritage Nature and Animal Life

Shiretoko Peninsula, which means "end of the earth" in the Ainu language, is a peninsula jutting out into the Sea of Okhotsk in the northeastern part of...

Jajamen|Eating Udon Noodles Topped with Miso Meat Paste and Chitan Soup at Popular Restaurants Near Morioka Station!

Have you ever tried Jajamen noodle? Although the name is similar to jyajyaman, jajaman is a local noodle dish from Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. Unlik...

Shirakami-Sanchi|Stepping into a World Heritage Mountain Range with Virgin Beech Forests

Shirakami Sanchi "白神山地" is a 1,000-meter mountainous region located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures. One of the largest virgin beech ...
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