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Local foods

Hokkaido & Tohoku

Jajamen|Eating Udon Noodles Topped with Miso Meat Paste and Chitan Soup at Popular Restaurants Near Morioka Station!

Have you ever tried Jajamen noodle? Although the name is similar to jyajyaman, jajaman is a local noodle dish from Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. ...
Chugoku & Shikoku

Sanuki Udon Noodles in Kagawa|Gamou, Baka-Ichidai and Othe Popular Udon Noodle Shops

Sanuki udon is a specialty of Kagawa. "讃岐 (Sanuki)" is the former name of Kagawa Prefecture. We always eat udon noodles every day when we go to Kagawa, ...
Local foods

Buddhist Vegetarian Lunch at Koyasan|Harabishi’s Recommended Shojin Ryori Meal

Koyasan (Mount Koya) in Wakayama Prefecture is a Buddhist city with many temples. Tours to Koyasan to stay at a lodging house and eat Shojin Ryori (B...

Wajima Morning Market’s Recommended Eating Spots|The Famous Ishiru Shellfish Hot Pot and Mackerel Rice Bowl!

The "能登半島 (Noto Peninsula)" is a peninsula that juts out into the Sea of Japan in the northern half of Ishikawa Prefecture. The city of Wajima is locate...

Eating Chiba’s Specialties at Umihotaru Parking Area on Tokyo Bay

Umihotaru is a large parking area located on the sea. Umihotaru is a highway rest area on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, which crosses Tokyo Bay from Kawas...
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