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Local foods


The village that produces the most lettuce in Japan!|A trip to Kawakami Village to discover the delights of highland vegetables

Nagano Prefecture is one of the most mountainous prefectures in Japan, with an average altitude of 1132 metres. This makes it a suitable production area...
Chugoku & Shikoku

Visit to Konpira-san |A popular place of worship that you will want to visit many times

The other day we went to the Kotohira-gu Shrine, also known as Kompira-san. On the hillside of Mount Kotohira, overlooking the Seto Inland Sea in Kag...

Hoto Kosaku Kiyosato Kogen’s Recommended Menu|They are full of vegetables including pumpkin!

Have you ever tried Houtou, a specialty of Yamanashi? Houtou is a local dish made by boiling thick flat noodles in a miso-based broth with lots of veget...

Mitamano-yu|One day spa in Yamanashi with a view and meals

On a recent trip to Yamanashi Prefecture, I dropped in on a day trip to a hot spring called Mitamano-yu. Mitamano-yu has an open-air bath with a pano...

Nagato Farm|Alpaca and Soft Ice Cream in the Highlands

Nagato Farm is a large farm located in a highland resort. If you travel around the East area of Nagano Prefecture, you will see soft ice cream made a...
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