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Tokai & Kansai


Arima Onsen | Enjoy The Hot Spring Spas with Two Types of Spring Water

Arima Onsen, located in Hyogo Prefecture, is a popular hot spring resort with a long history. It is easily accessible from Osaka, and is a good tourist ...

Atashika Beach|A Clear Blue Beach with Calm Waves That Makes You Want to Snorkel

When we are traveling, we sometimes encounter surprisingly beautiful scenery at unexpected times. As I drove from Ise City in Mie Prefecture to Wakayama...
Local foods

Buddhist Vegetarian Lunch at Koyasan|Harabishi’s Recommended Shojin Ryori Meal

Koyasan (Mount Koya) in Wakayama Prefecture is a Buddhist city with many temples. Tours to Koyasan to stay at a lodging house and eat Shojin Ryori (Budd...

Okage Yokocho Walk|Take a Stroll and Eat Ise Udon Noodle, Akafuku and Other Specialties

One of the most enjoyable things to do after visiting a shrine or temple is to eat local specialties at the stores along the approach. Next to the Inner...

Numazu Port|Zuu’s Fried Horse Mackerel Set Meal and a Walk Around the Lively Fish Market

We came to "沼津港 (Numazu Port)" in Shizuoka Prefecture. At the fish market in Numazu Port, fresh fish caught in the seas around Izu and Suruga Bay are so...
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