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We Took a Tour of the Soy Sauce Factories (Yamasa and Higeta) in Choshi

In Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, soy sauce production has been flourishing since the Edo period. This article describes our visit to the factory of a soy sa...

Yachiho Highlands is a Sacred Place of White Birch Trees! Japan’s Largest White Birch Colonies

Birch Trees are my favorite tree. I was pleased when I found out that the symbolic tree of Nagano Prefecture where I live is a white birch. Nagano Prefe...

If it’s Your First Time to See Kabuki, You May Want to Try the One-Act Viewing Seats

Kabuki is one of the three major traditional performing arts in Japan. The other day I had the opportunity to see my first Kabuki performance. I stopped...

My Maiden Visit to Tokyo

In July 2016, I was invited, along with a few other medical students, to attend a prestigious medical exchange between Singapore's medical universities ...
My Stories

Japan Through European Eyes

Even before I left for Japan, I realized my nationality made me something of a small celebrity. See, I am Bulgarian and though my country is rather smal...
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