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Yachiho Highlands is a sacred place of white birch trees! Japan’s largest white birch colonies

Birch Trees are my favorite tree. I was pleased when I found out that the symbolic tree of Nagano Prefecture where I live is a white birch. Nagano Pr...

Mitamano-yu|One day spa in Yamanashi with a view and meals

On a recent trip to Yamanashi Prefecture, I dropped in on a day trip to a hot spring called Mitamano-yu. Mitamano-yu has an open-air bath with a pano...

A walk through the natural gardens of Moegi no Mura Village in Kiyosato

A 10-minute walk from Kiyosato Station in Yamanashi Prefecture brings you to a popular tourist attraction called Moegi no Mura (Moegi-no-Mura Village). ...

Carving obsidian gemstones to make arrowhead-shaped keyrings

Have you ever seen an obsidian gemstone? Obsidian ("黒曜石" in Japanese) is, as the name suggests, a "black, shiny stone". Obsidian was used as a stone ...

See the Kurobe Dam’s Water Discharge Event in 2021|Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

There are about 3,000 dams in total in Japan. The water stored in dams is sometimes released to control floods or to maintain rivers. But it's not of...
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