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Deciding Where to Buy Your Goshuin Stamp Book is One of the Joys of Travel!

Goshuin Guide and Tips

A Goshuincho is a book used when having a Goshuin stamped at a shrine or temple.

Isn’t it difficult to decide where to buy a Goshuin stamp book? It is something that you will keep as a memory of your trip for a long time, so you will want to find your favourite stamp book. Deciding where to buy it is one of the joys of travel!

In this article, I would like to introduce you to some of my Goshuin stamp books. I hope it will help you to choose the best stamp book for you.


Where to buy a Goshuin stamp book

You can buy a stamp book at temples and shrines

In general, when you buy a Goshuin stamp book, you probably buy one that is sold at a temple or shrine.

Many of the shrines and temples that attract many visitors offer original stamp books, and some people enjoy collecting such books.


Examples of Goshuin stamp books you can buy at temples and shrines

My stamp books

I currently have the following three stamp books.

  • Stamp book of Ise Jingu (Mie Prefecture)
  • Stamp book of Risshakuji Temple (Yamagata Prefecture)
  • Sanada Shrine’s stamp book (Nagano Prefecture)


Stamp book of Ise Jingu (Mie Prefecture)

Stamp book of Ise Jingu


When you are waiting for your seal to be stamped, you may have a chance to see stamp books that other people have. The book I see most often when I am waiting is this stamp book of Ise Jingu.

The Ise Jingu stamp book is a simple, beautiful, purple red stamp book. This small size stamp book can be purchased at the Kaguraden of both the Inner and Outer Shrines of Ise Jingu.


Stamp book of Risshakuji Temple (Yamagata Prefecture)

Stamp book of Risshakuji Temple


The next book we would like to introduce is the stamp book of Risshakuji Temple (commonly known as Yamadera) in Yamagata Prefecture. It is common to see Goshuin-cho stamp book with a design of a temple or shrine building on the cover, like this one.

The back of the book has a lovely illustration of Matsuo Basho on it. Risshakuji Temple is famous as the place where Matsuo Basho composed his haiku (Japanese poem) and there is a bronze statue of him.


Sanada Shrine’s stamp book (Nagano Prefecture)

Sanada Shrine's stamp book


The third book is the stamp book of Sanada Shrine in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.

When you buy a stamp book from Sanada Shrine, which is located in Ueda Castle, built by warlord Masayuki Sanada, you will receive it with the seal already stamped on it.


Goshuin stamp book available by mail order and on the internet

Perhaps due to the boom in Goshuin seal collecting, there are now shops specialising in Goshuinn stamp books, and fashionable stamp books are also available by mail order.

The designs are not too flashy, and there are many that you won’t get tired of.


How to use different types of Goshuin stamp books

Do you use different types of Goshuin stamp books?

As I mentioned, I have three red seal books. I use one for shrines, another for temples, and another for temples and shrines associated with famous samurai lords.

It might be better to have more rules, but I don’t distinguish them so strictly.

If it is difficult for you to bring more than one stamp book with you on your journey, you can return with the paper on which the seal has been stamped.


Summary of where to buy Goshuin stamp books

The Goshuin stamp book shown here is just a small selection. There are also original stamp books that are full of individuality, making it difficult to choose just one.

We hope you can find your favourite stamp book among the many available.

You can read more about collecting Goshuin seals in this article.


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