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Mitamano-Yu Hot Spring|One Day Spa in Yamanashi with a View and Meals

Mitamano-yu Yamanashi

On a recent trip to Yamanashi Prefecture, I dropped in on a day trip to a hot spring called Mitamano-yu.

Mitamano-yu has an open-air bath with a panoramic view of the Kofu Basin in Yamanashi Prefecture, which has been selected as one of the best 100 night views in Japan. There is also a restaurant serving delicious meals made from locally grown vegetables.

This article is about Mitamano-yu, a popular day trip hot spring in Yamanashi Prefecture.


One-day hot spring spa in Yamanashi “Mitamano-yu

A hot spring with a panoramic view of the Kofu Basin

Mitamano-yu is a day trip hot spring located in Ichikawa Misato-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture. Mitamano-yu is built on a 370 metre high plateau overlooking the Kofu Basin.


Alkaline mole spring

The colour of the onsen at Mitamano-yu is a transparent brownish-brown, darker than the colour of amber. The quality of the water is “alkaline simple mall spring”, which contains organic matter from plant fossils that are 3 million years old and come from 1500 metres underground.

The water in Mitama-no-yu looked like boiled brown medicinal herbs.


A spectacular view of Yamanashi from the open-air bath

Panoramic view of the Kofu Basin from the hill

Views from Mitamanoyu hot spring


What makes Mitama no Yu special is the view from the outdoor bath.

On the right hand side of the bath is the Oku-Chichibu massif, on the left the Southern Alps, and on the far side the Yatsugatake mountains, which surround the Kofu Basin. From the open-air bath, you can enjoy a 180° unobstructed view of these mountains and the Kofu Basin.

You can enjoy the change of scenery depending on the time of day, evening and night, but if you can find the time, the night view is recommended as it is the first hot spring to be chosen as one of the 100 best night views in Japan.

You can enjoy the change of scenery at different times of the day, evening and night. It has been chosen as one of the 100 best places to see at night, so if you can find the time, we recommend you to see the night view.


Relaxing in lukewarm water

The open-air baths at Mitama-no-yu are marked as high or medium temperature, but even the high temperature water is between 40 and 42 degrees Celsius, so you won’t feel too hot.

This means that you can stay in the bath for a long time. Some of the bathers were almost falling asleep.


You can see the outside view from the sauna too

The sauna at Mitamano-yu is equipped with a large window through which you can see the same view as in the outdoor bath.

Saunas are often equipped with a TV, but it is rare to find one with a large window looking out.


Dining at Miharashi-tei

A menu of dishes using locally grown vegetables

One of the most enjoyable things to do after a hot spring bath is to have a meal in the rest area. Mitamano-yu has a restaurant called “Restaurant Miharashi-tei”.

After sweating it out in the hot spring, you can eat dishes made from local vegetables at this restaurant.

This time, I ordered the Teppanyaki Eggplant Steak (590 yen) and Ozara (880 yen) from Miharashi-tei.


Aubergine Teppan Steak with Ozara

The Aubergine Teppan Steak is a dish of local sliced aubergines grilled on a hot teppan and topped with dried bonito flakes and garlic soy sauce.

The aubergine comes out hot and juicy in the mouth. It was so fresh and juicy that I was surprised that the eggplant itself had so much moisture.




Ozara is a chilled version of Houtou, a speciality of Yamanashi Prefecture. It is served like Zaru Udon noodles and is served with a hot soup containing ingredients.

Ozara’s noodles are cut into thin strips, rather than flat and thick, and are fresh and smooth to the touch.

The accompanying soup was a chicken broth similar to duck soba soup, with pea shoots, carrots, onions, aubergines and an onsen egg.

Udon noodles in Yamanashi, such as Hoto and Yoshida Udon, are healthy and served with plenty of vegetables. Aubergine steak and oozara were both delicious.


Summary of the outdoor baths and meals at Mitamano-yu

The day we went to Mitama-no-yu was a three-day holiday, so it was crowded inside the building, but we were able to find a seat in the rest room, which was open for meals.

Mitama no Yu is a brownish mole spring with a view of the Kofu Basin. If you are ever in the area, why not drop in for a hot spring bath?


Access, parking and entrance fees for Mitamano-yu


Access Mitamano-yu is a 30-minute drive from Kofu Station and a 10-minute drive from Kofu Minami Interchange.
Opening hours 10:00~23:00
Entrance fee Adults 770 yen (Elementary school students 500 yen)
URL Official website
Parking Large car park available (free of charge)



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