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Cafe and Garden Walk at Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery

Lavender garden Nagano

Nagano Prefecture is the second largest producer of grapes in Japan, after Yamanashi Prefecture.

As a result, Nagano is also a major wine-growing region, with 36 wineries in the prefecture. Of these, the Chikuma (Shinano) River basin has a particularly high proportion of wineries.

This article is about Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery, one of the most popular wineries in Nagano Prefecture.


Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery

An award-winning winery

There is a popular winery in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture, called Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery.

The winery was started by the essayist Mr. and Mrs. Toyoo Tamamura.

The wines of Villa d’Esto Garden Farm and Winery have won numerous awards at competitions. The garden, cafe restaurant and gallery adjacent to the vineyard are open to the public from spring to autumn.


Winery with a view

Villa d'Esto Garden Farm


The winery is situated on a hilltop in the city of Tomi, and the view from the winery is fantastic. On a clear day you can see all the way from the vineyards to the distant mountains of the Northern Alps.


Tea at the winery

Sweets and tea in the café-restaurant

A berry tart


The winery has a café-restaurant with terrace seating looking out onto the landscape.


Herbal tea


We ordered a berry tart and a cup of herbal tea and took a break on the terrace overlooking the vineyards. In the café-restaurant you can also eat and drink wine produced in Villa d’Est.


Gift shop

The gift shop is located in the building and sells a wide range of wines, juices and pastries. You can also buy garden accessories and original plates, teacups and teapots printed with botanical art designed by Toyoo Tamamura.


Enjoy the flowers in the garden

A stroll through the garden farm

At any time of the year, you are free to wander through our beautifully manicured winery gardens.

As the name “Garden Farm” suggests, the garden is full of lovely plants and flowers, along with seasonal vegetables.

To help you identify which plant is which, a plaque is displayed in front of each flower.


Smoketree and goat Yagiko-chan



The fluffy tree on the far left of the birch tree in the photo above is a smoke tree with feathery plumes.

There is also a friendly white goat, Yagiko-chan, grazing in the garden farm.


Summary of the café and garden at Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery

A winery with a garden to enjoy the flowers of the season

No matter what time of year you visit Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery, you will always be able to enjoy the flowers of the season.

The garden is a true reproduction of the botanical art of the owner, Toyo Tamamura, and flower lovers will never tire of visiting.

I love the garden more than the winery and look forward to visiting every year.

It’s also nice to relax with a cup of tea and a sweet treat on the terrace of the café, looking out over the vineyards.


Access and parking at Villa d’Est Garden Farm and Winery

Access 14 minutes drive from the Yunomaru Interchange on the Joshinetsu Expressway. 30 minutes by taxi from Ueda Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line.
Parking Available (free of charge)


Other places of interest in the area

A 30-minute drive from Tomi, where the winery is located, is the castle of Ueda, built by Masayuki Sanada.



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